If you own a car in Chicago, then you probably already have basic liability auto insurance. The state of Illinois requires all drivers to carry this basic level of insurance at the very least when driving on public roads. And, the consequences for disobeying this law are severe. It is highly recommended that people who drive their cars regularly in or around the city should carry more than just basic liability coverage.


Basic liability coverage will only protect another person’s vehicle in the event that you get into an accident that is your fault. That means there will be no coverage for the damages to your own vehicle. There are many risks that come along with owning a car and driving it every day, especially for those who live in Chicago. Given the changing climate and increase in crime, you should greatly consider extending your auto insurance coverage beyond the bare minimum required by the state.


As summer comes to an end and we get closer to winter, every driver will begin to feel the effects of the changing weather on their automobile. Cars get buried in snow while parked over night, engines freeze, etc. If a bad wind storm pushes a tree over onto your car, leaving it totaled, your insurance company will not help foot the bill with only basic liability coverage. In order to be protected from the threat of natural disasters, you need comprehensive auto insurance. This type of coverage also applies to car theft.


Collision insurance is another type of coverage that every driver should consider buying before winter gets here. The roads are going to get icy and the days are going to get darker, which means driving will be more dangerous than it is in the summer. The chance of you getting into a car accident are greater than ever in the summer. With collision coverage, you can be certain that if you get into a wreck, your insurer will help you pay for the cost of fixing damages to your car.


In the recent months, there have been many cases of armed robberies and carjackings in the southwest side of Chicago. Just the other week, two 19-year-old males robbed a 25-year-old man at gunpoint, getting away with his cell phone and SUV. Later that night, they were caught by police and taken to jail. With comprehensive auto insurance, you would be covered in a situation like this. Assuming the suspects got away and you never saw your car again, your insurance company would help pay for the cost of replacing it.