Pennsylvania Antique Car Show Returns for 63rd Year in a Row

Every year, for the past 63 years in a row, a huge antique car show takes place in Hershey, Pennsylvania. People come to the show for a variety of reasons. Some people want to sell their classic cars while others just want to show them off. Some are looking to buy in order to grow their vintage vehicle collection.


Most people come to the show just to look at the antique cars and experience a little bit of auto industry nostalgia. The event will consist of over 1,000 classic cars on display. And, it is free to attend! There will be food vendors and other attractions to make it the perfect activity for families or people who just need something to do on a Saturday. So, if you live in the area, go check it out!


Even people who don’t have an interest in cars will have a good time at this event. Looking at old cars is like looking into the past. In today’s world, with battery-powered motors and self-driving cars, events like this make you realize how far the auto industry has come. Whatever the reason may be, this show attracts thousands of people from all over the country. It is a big deal in the community of classic car collectors, whether you are trying to make a profit or spend some dough. But, normal people with no intention to buy or sell still come to the event for a good time.


This event is a good example of how people can make a lot of money by selling antique cars. Collectors come to these events with plans to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, as a result, many antique car restorers show up ready to sell. Making money selling antique cars is more lucrative than people think.


People with garages, auto mechanic experience, and a little bit of start-up cash can make tons of money selling to collectors. They do this by buying old cars in poor shape from anywhere they can find them. They take them back to the garage, fix them up, give them a new paint job, and do anything else necessary to get them ready to be driven on public roads. Then, they go to events like this one, where collectors and other enthusiasts are eager to buy. Antique cars, since they are so rare, can be sold for a much higher price than the average personal automobile.