The Importance of Data Breach Coverage in Your Business Insurance Policy

As a business owner in the digital world, your company is always at risk of becoming the victim of a data breach. A data breach, by definition, is when confidential information is stolen by an unauthorized individual or entity. This can become a huge problem for business owners and their employees, leading to expensive as well as missing incomes. Luckily, insurance companies offer business insurance policies that will protect you against the threat of a data breach.


If you already have a business insurance policy, you might want to think about adding data breach coverage to it. You simply never know what is going to happen or how secure you, your employee’s, and your customer’s information really is. By adding data breach coverage to your business insurance policy, you can continue running your business without worrying about its confidential information getting into the wrong hands. In the event of a data breach, your business insurance policy will help pay for any lost money or legal actions that need to be taken.


A data breach can have severe effects on your company’s public image and growth. And the possibility of it happening to your business is now bigger than ever. Losing income is one thing, but losing the trust of your clientele is arguably far worse. In the past, data breaches have caused many big, well-known businesses major financial losses and PR problems.

Target, for example, was the victim of a huge data breach last year. The credit card information of their customers was stolen, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars being lost. Obviously, this resulted in lawsuits, decreased stock value, and a huge negative impact on their public image. Luckily, with data breach coverage, they were able to somewhat weather the storm. This story is a good example of how serious of a threat data breaches are for business owners. Now more than ever, it is critical to take all necessary precautions to make sure you are not in jeopardy of being victimized by entities that want to steal your company’s information.

How Much Coverage is Required in an SR-22 Insurance Policy?

If your license was suspended and reinstated by the state of Illinois, you are probably required to obtain an SR22 certificate. You can file SR 22 easily through your insurance company, assuming is a service that they provide. At this point, you are probably not sure exactly what an SR-22 certificate actually is.


In the most basic terms, SR22 is auto insurance for “troubled drivers,” or drivers who recently had their licenses suspended. So, if SR 22 is simply car insurance, then what does it cover? Well, like auto insurance, there are different types of coverage packed into each policy. In the case of Illinois SR-22 insurance, the following coverage is provided: Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist, and Property Damage. With all of these types of coverage combined, your insurance company will help cover the cost of medical bills and repairs for damages to a vehicle. Each aspect of the SR22 insurance policy is limited to about $25,000. That means that if you get into an accident that causes $30,000 worth of damage, you will be responsible for paying $5,000 out of pocket.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we specialize in providing cheap, same-day SR 22 insurance. If you live in or around the city of Chicago and just got your license reinstated, the Insurance Navy agents will set you up with a speedy and affordable SR-22 certificate. 

Here is One Way to Avoid SR-22 Financial Responsibility

The process of filing for SR22 can be stressful and time-consuming. But, when a judge requires you to obtain an SR 22 certificate in order for you to be able to drive legally again, you don’t really have a choice. Right? Well actually, in some states, including Illinois, it is possible to get away with not filing for SR-22 Insurance. But, it is not easy.


If you want to skip the SR22 financial responsibility process, there is only one way to do it. You need to pay your way out. The real reason people are required to obtain SR 22 certificates in the first place is to prove, through financial means, that they are no longer a liability on the road. So, like an insurance policy, you pay premiums every month to do so. As an alternative, you could simply pay the Illinois State Treasury $55,000 in cash and they would accept it as proof that you are financially responsible. Then, obtaining an SR-22 would no longer be necessary. So, if you have $55,000 set aside, you can skip the whole SR22 insurance system and be back on the road with no problems. Most of us, however, don’t have that kind of money to spend all at once.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we will set you up with the quickest and cheapest SR22 insurance in or around the city of Chicago. The Insurance Navy agents specialize in providing low-cost, same-day SR 22 certificates for drivers that need them. To learn more about our quick and affordable SR-22 insurance, please visit our website:

What are the Filing Terms for SR-22 Insurance?

If you were recently told by a judge that you must obtain SR-22 insurance before being able to legally drive again, then you might be wondering how to proceed from here. Well, the first thing you should do is go to your insurance company and speak with your agent. An insurance broker should be able to answer any questions you have regarding your SR22 financial responsibility.


Once the suspension on your license is up, you will be eligible to obtain a restricted driver’s license. This is when the filing period for SR 22 insurance begins. The judge will give you your license back, but require that you obtain an SR-22 certificate before getting back on the road. You will need to go to your insurance company and have them file your SR22 insurance for you. This should not be very complicated or take a very long time. And, you will only have to file for SR 22 insurance once. However, you will have to renew the policy each year. It is highly recommended that you begin the renewal process, by simply calling your insurance agent, at least 12 days before the renewal date. This will give the DMV time to process your policy with the state. If you don’t do this, you are at risk of being caught with an expired SR-22 certificate, which could lead to a longer suspension on your license.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we offer quick and cheap SR22 insurance filing. If you are in need of an affordable SR 22 certificate, the Insurance Navy agents will produce one for you the same day you ask for it. To learn more about our low-cost, same-day SR-22 insurance, please visit our website:

What if My Insurance Company Doesn’t Offer SR-22 Insurance?

If you recently got your suspended license reinstated by the state of Illinois, then you are probably in need of SR-22 insurance. Typically, when a judge gives high-risk drivers their licenses back, it is contingent upon them obtaining an SR-22 certificate. If you do not abide by this rule, the consequences can be severe, including jail time and, of course, another period of suspension on your license.


So, your next step is to obtain SR-22 insurance. This can be done by going to your insurance company and having an agent add it to your auto insurance policy. However, many insurance companies in and around the city of Chicago do not offer SR-22 certificates. If this is the case with your current insurance company, then you need to switch to a company that does provide SR-22 insurance. The best advice is to cancel your current auto insurance policy and move to another company. This will save you money in the long run because the SR-22 will simply be added onto your auto insurance policy and increase your premiums instead of acting as its own policy.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we provide cheap and quick SR-22 insurance. If you need to obtain an SR-22 certificate, the Insurance Navy agents will produce one for you the day you walk into the office. To learn more about our low-cost, same-day SR-22 insurance, please visit our website:

How to Get an SR-22 Certificate

After being convicted of DUI, driving without insurance, or other traffic violations, a judge will most likely require you to obtain an SR22 certificate to reinstate your driver’s license. Once you have been told to do so, it is imperative that you do not drive until your SR 22 financial responsibility is obtained. If you drive without it, the consequences can be severe.


So, how do you obtain SR-22 insurance? Well, the good news is that it is very easy. All you have to do is go to your insurance company and tell them you need an SR22 certificate. They will take care of it for you and have you back on the road in no time. In fact, many insurance companies in Illinois can provide SR 22 insurance the same day you request it. The bad news is, it costs money. Your insurance agent will add SR-22 financial responsibility to your auto insurance policy, which will cause the monthly premiums to rise.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we deliver cheap, same-day SR22 insurance. If you need to get back on the road immediately, the Insurance Navy agents will produce a low-cost SR 22 certificate for you the same day you request it. To learn more about our convenient and inexpensive SR-22 insurance, please visit our website:

What is a High-Risk Driver?

If you are required by the court to carry SR-22 insurance, then you are considered, by the state of Illinois, to be a high-risk driver. The SR-22 financial responsibility can be put upon you for a variety of different reasons. At the end of the day, it is the judge’s decision as to whether or not SR-22 insurance is necessary.


So what does the state of Illinois consider a high-risk driver? Well, there are a number of different offenses that can put you on such a list. One of the more serious ones is driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. You can also be considered high-risk for driving without insurance or committing a high number of traffic offenses in a short period of time. These offenses, however, do not lead to as severe a punishment as DUI. If you are convicted of DUI, your SR-22 certificate will most likely cost more money and also be required for a longer amount of time. The best advice is to be smart when you drive, obey the law, and always have insurance. Trying to cut corners can end up costing you a lot of time, money, and frustration.


At Insurance Navy in Palos Hills, we provide cheap SR-22 insurance for drivers in or around the city of Chicago. If you recently became in need of one, the Insurance Navy agents can set you up with a low-cost SR-22 certificate the same day you request it. You will be back on the road in no time! To learn more about our convenient and affordable SR-22 insurance, please visit our website: