Parking Your Car Will Be Safer and More Convenient in 2018

If you live in or around the city of Chicago and drive regularly, then you already know how much of a pain parking can be. You spend hours waiting in traffic and then when you arrive at your destination, you can’t find anywhere to park your car. Then, you finally find a place to park, but the spot is very small. You go for it anyway, because you are tired of driving around and that is the only parking spot you have found so far. Then, while backing up into the spot, you accidentally run into the front bumper of the car behind you. Now, you have to deal with the stress of filing an insurance claim with the owner of that car.


All of these problems are currently being addressed by experts in the automobile industry. And as soon as this next year, people will begin to see advancements in auto technology that solve these problems indefinitely. All the big brand car names will be coming out with new models in 2018 that solve the issue of stressful and unsafe parking. Not only will this reduce stress, it will also reduce the amount of auto insurance claims and, eventually, lower the cost of car insurance as a whole.


These new 2018 models will use GPS along with scanner technology to improve the process of parking cars. The GPS system in the car will use the driver’s coordinates to survey the surrounding area and find a parking spot near their location. The car will be able to tell the driver where parking is available, how much it costs, and the hours of the day it is available. This eliminates the issue of driving around the city, block after block, searching for parking spots. The cars will also have scanners and cameras in the back (a lot of cars already have these) to make parking safer for the driver. By being able to see behind them, drivers can be sure that they will not hit anything while backing up.


All of these advancements reduce the risks that currently hang over most drivers today. More importantly, the decreased risk of hitting another car while parking increases the likelihood of car insurance becoming cheaper. After all, the price of an auto insurance policy is always based on the level of risk.