New Innovations in Motorcycle Technology will Make Insurance Cheaper

In the world of insurance, everything is based on risk. The price of your insurance policy will also be calculated by the likelihood of you filing a claim in the future. So, if you drive a motorcycle, then you are probably paying a lot each month in premiums. According to many studies, not to mention the general consensus in America, riding a motorcycle is extremely risky, especially if you are doing it every day. As a result, bikers pay top-dollar to insure themselves and their bikes. However, recent innovations in motorcycle technology have made the sport much safer, which means the cost of insurance is sure to go down.


So, what kind of changes have been made to motorcycles in the last few years? All the big brand motorcycle companies are taking steps toward making their bikes safer for their customers. As technology becomes more advanced, it becomes easier for automobile companies to reach their goal of achieving maximum safety with their products. Some motorcycles now have airbags, which seems like a big step in preventing injury from head on collisions. Many companies have also developed airbag suits to be worn by the rider. The suit is attached to the bike by a wire, and when the wire detaches, it inflates, creating a cushion between the rider and whatever it is they are colliding with.


Helmets have also become more advanced in the past few years, offering more protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Many bikers do not wear helmets when they ride, believing that it takes away from the “freeing” experience of riding a motorcycle. Well, according to a study done by the National Highway Safety Administration, wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of fatal accidents among motorcycle riders. In fact, the chances of a biker being killed in an accident decreases by 37% when they are wearing a helmet.


Taking action to make the ride on your motorcycle safer is a good way to bring down the cost of your insurance. If you recently bought a newer model bike, chances are you will be able to enjoy some of the new safety features. Let your insurance company know that you are riding a safer bike as soon as possible. You may be entitled to a discount and end up having to pay less for your monthly premiums.

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