Is an SR-22 From Another State Valid in Illinois?

If you have an SR22 certificate and just recently moved to Illinois, you might be wondering how that affects the status of your insurance. The best thing to do at this point is check in with your current insurer. They will tell you the necessary steps that need to be taken for the move.


Each state has a different system of requirements for filing SR 22 insurance. So, will your SR-22 be valid upon arrival to Illinois? Probably not. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to make all the changes so that it is updated with the standards of the state. It is important not to cancel your SR22 before transferring to the new state. This could lead to serious problems. Tell your insurance company that you are planning on moving to Illinois and they will tell you how to proceed with your SR 22. It should be as easy as a simple address change in the paperwork.


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