When You Should Consider Purchasing Additional Renter’s Insurance Coverage

For certain people, a standard Renter’s Insurance policy does not provide enough coverage. If you are someone who owns a lot of stuff, especially valuable stuff, then you might want to consider buying additional insurance on top of your renter’s insurance policy. Most standard renter’s insurance policies only cover basic personal property.


But, if you are someone with expensive hobbies, you are probably gonna want more coverage than what is provided by regular renter’s insurance. Let’s say you are a photographer and you lose your camera or it is stolen. Without additional coverage, you will probably be out of luck. When you go to discuss your renter’s insurance policy with your insurance agent, make sure you mention that you want specific coverage for your valuable items, like cameras, jewelry, etc.

Usually, the insurance company will offer insurance up to a certain price. So, depending on the value of your specific belongings, your insurance company may or may not fully reimburse you in the event of a natural disaster or theft.


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