What Does Third Party Liability Mean?

If you just signed a lease on an apartment or house in Chicago, you might be wondering whether or not you should spend a little extra money and get renter’s insurance. But, maybe you don’t own anything that valuable. Then what would be the point, right? Well, protecting their personal property isn’t the only reason people buy renter’s insurance. There is something called Third Party Liability, and it is considered the most important aspect of the standard renter’s insurance policies.


Third Party Liability does not protect you or any of your personal property. Instead, it covers situations brought on by your guests. If someone comes over to your house, slips, and breaks their neck, Third Party Liability coverage will help pay for their medical bills. If the incident results in a lawsuit, it will also cover a portion of the legal fees. Third Party Liability will also cover the visitor’s own personal property that is damaged in your apartment or house. This is a very important part of renter’s insurance because you cannot control the actions of others.


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