Purchasing an SR-22 Certificate Without a Car

The SR 22 is required by the state of Illinois for all driver’s with a history of DUI or other traffic violations. If you are one of those drivers, you may be looking into SR22 insurance, trying to learn all the details about how to move forward. You know that you are going to need the SR-22 certificate for your car. But what if you don’t have a car?


Well, that is not too much of an issue with SR-22 Insurance. If, for example, you drive to work with your mother’s car, you just need to make sure that you yourself have the right type of SR 22 insurance. Your insurance broker will set you up with a Non-Owner’s SR22 Certificate, which basically just emphasizes the fact that you are covered but do not have a car registered under your name. This will give you all the liability coverage you need to legally operate a vehicle on the road.


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