How to Evaluate Renter’s Insurance Policies

If you recently signed a lease on an apartment or house in Chicago, you are probably thinking about purchasing renter’s insurance. This is a smart idea to keep your personal property covered in the event of a natural disaster or burglary. The price of renter’s insurance differs from person to person. It is all based on a variety of factors, including personal renter’s history as well as location of the property. In order to find the best renter’s insurance policies out there, make sure to pay attention to the following as you discuss options with different insurance companies:


You want to look at the exclusions in each policy to see if you are getting all the coverage you need. If you live in an area with high-flood risk, but flooding is not covered by the policy, you will probably want to go with another insurance company. Insurers will often give discounts for people that take extra safety measures, such as having fire extinguishers on your wall and installing an alarm system. You should always check to see whether or not these discounts are available because they could save you tons of money. You should also see if you can bundle your renter’s insurance with another policy that you have with that insurer, such as your auto insurance policy. This is very common among insurance companies and it will save you alot of money. If the insurer doesn’t provide discounts for safety features or bundle deals in their renter’s insurance policies, you should move to another insurance company. You will receive better coverage for a lower price.


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