Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Possessions Outside of Your House/ Apartment?

If you recently purchased a renter’s insurance policy, then you already know your personal property will be covered in the event of a theft or natural disaster. Renter’s insurance provides a peice of mind, allowing people the comfort of knowing their valuables will be reimbursed or replaced by their insurance company if something bad happens. But what about personal property that is stolen or damage, but not physically at the location of your house or apartment? This is where things get a bit fuzzy.


In most cases, depending on the item in question, your renter’s insurance policy should provide some coverage. Let’s say you are staying at a hotel and your personal computer is stolen, the theft coverage aspect of your renter’s insure should come into play. Also, if a personal belonging is stolen from your car, then you should be covered as well. Every insurance company and every renter’s insurance policy handles this type of loss in a different way. So it is a good idea to get the details before deciding on a renter’s insurance policy.


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