How Remodeling Your Home Will Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

If you ever make any changes to your home, it is important to notify your insurance agent. If you don’t, you might not have coverage when you need it. If you keep your insurance company updated on all your home’s improvements and renovations, then you can be sure that coverage will be provided. That said, remodeling your home will most likely increase the price of your home insurance policy.


So, let’s say you want to remodel your kitchen. The cost of materials and construction will be taken into consideration by your insurance company. Since the remodeled kitchen will be newer and better than the old one, it will cost more to repair and replace in the event of a loss. Therefore, your insurance broker will increase your premiums. This seems inconvenient. However, if you don’t let your insurer know that you remodeled in the first place, you may get stuck with no coverage at all. That is why you should always accept higher premiums instead of keeping your remodel a secret from your insurer.


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