Facts that Every Renter Needs to Know About Renter’s Insurance

Did you recently sign a lease on an apartment or house in Chicago? Some people choose to buy renter’s insurance to make sure their belongings are protected from natural causes as well as theft. Other people don’t buy renter’s insurance, since it is not required by the state, and they don’t want to spend the money. Whether you are or are not considering buying renter’s insurance, there are a few things you should know.


Every renter should know that their personal property is not covered under their landlord’s insurance policy. So, if a thief breaks into your apartment and steals your computer, your landlord, neither his/her insurer will be responsible for replacing it. That is why insurance companies offer and highly recommend renter’s insurance.


If you don’t buy renter’s insurance, then you are accepting full liability for all guests who enter your house or apartment. If someone slips and breaks their leg or gets bitten by your dog, you could end up in a terrible lawsuit. You will receive no help with legal fees or the injured visitor’s medical bills. With basic liability coverage, a standard renter’s insurance policy would help cover the cost of all that trouble.


Still, renter’s insurance can be expensive, depending on where you live and your personal history with insurance claims. If you choose to buy it, be prepared to pay a good amount. Or, work with your insurance agent to find a cheaper option by accepting less coverage or by paying a higher deductible.


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