Do Married Couples Receive Cheaper Homeowner’s Insurance?

After getting married, people usually buy homes so they can settle down and start a family. There is a rumor going around that married couples pay less for home insurance. Is this myth or fact? Does the “married lifestyle” appear to be “less risky” in the eyes of the insurance company.


Based on what we know about all types of insurance, the cost of premiums is based on a wide variety of factors. So, it is not surprising that an insurance broker would take someone’s marital status into consideration when giving them a quote. But, the notion that married people always get to pay less for home insurance is a myth. However, in general, married people usually have a history of fewer claims, which is really all the insurance company cares about. If a person has never made an insurance claim, they will pay less for homeowner’s insurance than someone who has. Being married does not change that.


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