How to Save Money on Watercraft Insurance

Buying a boat is a huge financial decision. They cost a fortune up front and then cost even more to maintain, transport, and store. That is why you need a solid watercraft insurance policy to make sure your investment is protected when the unexpected happens. If you want to pick the right watercraft insurance policy while still saving money, there are several measures you can take.


The most important thing is to make sure that your buying insurance specific to your watercraft. For example, if you own a dinghy, then don’t purchase an insurance policy designed to cover a yacht.


Setting your boat up with all the available safety features is another way to lower your watercraft insurance policy premiums. Insurance companies like to see boats with features like engine kill switches because it makes the boat seem like less of a risk. While the security attachments may be expensive, you will save money in the long run by having to pay less to insure the whole boat.


Another way to save money on watercraft insurance is by taking a boating class. In the eyes of the insurer, you are less of a risk if you are trained with a boat. By showing them proof that you have completed a boating class, they should set you up with a reasonable discount.

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