How Much Watercraft Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

There are a number of factors that you should consider before purchasing watercraft insurance. After all, every boat and every driver are different. It is important to be honest and open with your insurance agent, so that they can find you a boat insurance policy that fits your needs.


The kind of boat you are driving will play a big role when you are deciding on the amount of watercraft insurance coverage to buy. If it is an older boat that you are only using for leisurely rides, then you may not need that much insurance on it. After all, you are not doing anything that dangerous. On the other hand, if your boat is new and has a really fast motor, then you are taking more of a risk every time you use it. Therefore, you should buy more insurance coverage.


No matter what kind of boat you have, it is smart to buy bodily injury and property liability insurance. If someone gets hurt, your watercraft insurance policy will cover the cost of medical bills. And if you cause damage on someone else’s boat, you won’t have to pay completely out of pocket to get it fixed.


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