Factors That Affect Watercraft Insurance Policy Premiums

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of your boat insurance. You should be aware of all these factors before buying a boat. Like all insurance policies, you can go for lower premiums by boasting facts that make your boating hobby less of a risk in the eyes of the insurer. If you don’t understand these things before buying your boat, you may get stuck with unreasonably high watercraft insurance premiums.


One important factor is where you use your boat. Your watercraft insurance company will charge you higher premiums if you drive your boat in dangerous waters. They will measure the danger by looking at how many boating accidents happen there per year, or how often storms come through that area. If you have never been trained in a legitimate boating safety course, the insurer will see you as a high risk. This too will cause your premiums to increase. Your driving record on land will also come into play when driving a boat on the water. If you have a poor driving record, filled with traffic violations, accidents, and insurance claims, your broker will see you as more of a risk, leading to higher premiums.


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