Are Boats Required to Have Watercraft Insurance?

When you buy a car, you need auto insurance before you can drive off the dealership lot. But what about boats? Is there some level of watercraft insurance that is required for all boat owners? There is no black and white answer.


The truth is, it depends on where you buy the boat and where you are planning on using it. If you buy a fishing boat in Chicago and plan on taking it up to Wisconsin to go fishing every other weekend, you probably won’t be required by the state to purchase watercraft insurance. However, if you purchase a yacht and plan on parking it at a harbor during the nights, that is a different story.


Every state is different when it comes to all boat owner’s needing a basic level of insurance. However, most marinas and harbors are the same. If you buy a slip for your boat, usually that marina will require some level of insurance to protect themselves. If you get into a boating accident with another boat in the harbor, then the owners of the harbor want to make sure you can resolve it amongst yourself so they don’t get caught up in a lawsuit.


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