Motorcycle Insurance: Comprehensive vs. Collision Coverage

Many people who own motorcycles in Chicago do not know the difference between Comprehensive and Collision coverage. It is highly recommended that you purchase both types of coverage in case the unexpected happens. But, if you are trying to save some money by taking the risk, it is very important to at least know the difference.

Collision motorcycle coverage is a basic type of insurance that will cover you in the event of an accident. Unlike liability insurance, collision coverage will help pay for the cost of damages to your bike whether or not the accident was your fault. If you accidentally run into a stop sign, your collision coverage will help you with fixing it. Same goes for if you accidentally hit another vehicle.

Comprehensive motorcycle coverage is a type of insurance that applies when your motorcycle is damaged by anything other than a typical car accident. Comprehensive coverage will protect you against natural causes like fires and storms. It will also help pay for the cost of replacing your bike after it is stolen or vandalized.

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