Misconceptions About Motorcycle Insurance

The biker lifestyle is fun, exciting, but also very risky. Insurance companies use statistically high risk as justification for high premiums on their motorcycle insurance policies. Bikers should know what is and is not being covered with their money. If you are getting ready to purchase motorcycle insurance in Chicago, there is certain information that you should make sure you are getting from your broker. There are many misconceptions out there about how motorcycle insurance works.

When buying motorcycle insurance, you will be given the option to add “med pay” to the policy, which will help cover the cost of medical bills after an accident that results in injury. Many bikers are under the assumption that this coverage is unnecessary, given the fact that they already have health insurance. This is a misconception. While health insurance will do its part if you are injured, it still will not cover all the bills in any given situation. With both health insurance and “med pay” added to your policy, you can rest assured knowing you will be as covered as possible.

If you think that your credit history won’t affect the rates of your motorcycle insurance policy, then you are wrong. In the eyes of the insurance company, credit score plays an important role in determining the cost of premiums. This is a trend that has become more popular among insurance brokers in the past ten years.

Many bikers are under the impression that their experience driving in a car has nothing to do with their motorcycle insurance policy. The opposite is true. Your insurance company will definitely look at your driving history before making a decision about your rates. If your driving history consists of frequent accidents and traffic violations, expect to pay more for motorcycle insurance.

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