Interesting Facts About Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Did you recently purchase motorcycle insurance in Chicago? Did you look closely at what is included in the coverage before moving forward? You may be surprised to learn about how far-reaching motorcycle insurance can be.


Most people think that motorcycle insurance just covers basic bikes with motors. Actually, there is much more included in your policy that you might not be aware of. Motorcycle insurance covers all different types of bikes, from low riders to dirt bikes. It will also include antique bikes that are more for decoration than riding. Generally, if it has two wheels, then it is probably covered under your policy. In addition to protecting your bikes, motorcycle insurance policies will also include protection for leisurely vehicles like golf carts, ATVs, Mopeds, Snowmobiles, and Segways. This usually comes as a surprise to people. And you may never find this function of the policy useful. But it is good to know nonetheless.


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