Something to Consider when Buying Renter’s Insurance

Are you in the process of buying Renter’s Insurance for your home or apartment in Chicago? There are a few things you should know before settling on a policy. It is important to know what exactly is covered by Renter’s Insurance and what your payment options are.


When you buy Renter’s insurance, you are only purchasing coverage for the items in your apartment. If there is water damage in the building, your insurance will not cover it. That will be covered by a separate insurance policy owned by your landlord, or whoever actually owns the building.


It is also important to know how your deductible will be affected. It all depends on how much you pay up front and how much you are paying on monthly premiums. So, if your rates are higher, then your deductible will be lower, which means your insurer will pay more when the policy kicks in after something like a fire or flood.


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