Personal Items That Are (and Are Not) Covered by Renter’s Insurance

When you purchase a Renter’s Insurance policy, take the time to review what is covered and what is not. Many people lose items of importance and are dismayed to learn that their policy never covered it in the first place. Understanding exactly what is being covered by your policy is important, so you can communicate the missing pieces to your agent, or choose to switch insurance companies.

Most Renter’s Insurance policies cover recreational equipment, such as bicycles. Also, your bike, for example, doesn’t necessarily have to be in your garage to be protected by your policy. If it is stolen outside your place of work or something like that, your insurance will still cover. This is called Off-premise coverage, and it is included in most standard Renter’s Insurance policies.

Something that would not be covered by your Renter’s Insurance would be your car or motorcycle. Automobiles are required by all states to have their own insurance policies.

So, what about the really valuable items like jewelry? Most Renter’s Insurance policies will cover the valuables for up to $1500. However, you can adjust this as much as you see fit, although it may result in higher premiums.

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