Does Your Small Business Need a Business Insurance Policy?

If your small business is growing quickly, you are probably considering buying an Illinois business insurance policy. Running a business can be risky, and in order to protect its growth, you need to be covered when the unexpected happens. But, how do you know when your company gets to a point where it needs insurance? The best way to find out is by talking with an insurance broker. But first, here are some factors to consider.

A lot of small businesses are based in the owner’s home. If that is the case, then you probably won’t need a real business insurance policy. Instead, you can buy a Business Property Rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Also, if your company’s assets are below $10,000, you can buy a home-business insurance policy.

If your company’s property extends to outside your home, then your homeowner’s insurance will no longer cover it. At that point, you will need a real Business Insurance Policy. If you own the property that your business is occupying, then you will need to make sure the whole building is insured.

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