Customizing Insurance Policies to Fit Your Business Plan

If you are a small business owner in Chicago, there are many different coverage options available for business insurance policies. It is important to find out what kind of coverage your company needs, and then have your insurance agent customize the policy accordingly.

Loss of Income Insurance can be added to your business’ policy if you think it might be necessary. This will cover your company’s bills and expenses, as well as your employees’ income, in the event that your business has to shut down temporarily.


In order to protect yourself from suspicious or untrustworthy employees, you can purchase Fidelity Insurance. This coverage will help with financial losses that result from illegal activities by your employees. This is useful in the event of an employee being found guilty of embezzlement or theft.


If you or your employees require vehicles to do the job, then you will need a Commercial Automobile Insurance Policy. If a car accident occurs during the course of business, your personal auto insurance will not cover it.


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