Auto Insurance for Families

Covering your entire family under one Auto Insurance policy is a good way to save time and money. Whether your family owns one vehicle or multiple vehicles, your insurance agent will be able to set you up with a family auto insurance policy that fits the needs of everyone in your home.


It is helpful to create one insurance policy for the whole family because it saves a lot of time. With just one policy, you don’t have to set up multiple meetings with your insurance agents, sign multiple contracts, or pay multiple premiums each month. One policy for the whole family makes the process of purchasing auto insurance much less of a headache.


The main advantage to a family auto insurance policy is the amount of money saved. The more family members you have in the plan, the more of a discount you will get from the insurance company. However, there can be disadvantages. If, for example, one of your family members is a “troubled driver” with a series of accidents and traffic violations on their record, the whole family, or whoever pays the bill, will have to pay higher premiums. Depending on your situation, it might make financial sense to exclude that family member from the family plan and have them sign their own auto insurance policy.


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