The Different Forms of SR-22

The Illinois SR-22 is a critical certificate to have once you are required by a judge to carry one. Breaking this rule can result in arrest, jail time, and further loss of driving privileges. There are different forms of the SR 22 certificate. So, if you are somebody who is in need of one, take the time to make sure your insurer is setting you up with the correct certificate. Otherwise, a simple mistake can cost you a lot of time and money.

If you drive a vehicle that is not registered to you, then you need an Operator’s Certificate. For example, if you borrow your family member’s car to drive to work, then you need this type of SR22. There is also the Owner’s Certificate, which covers a car under your name. The last kind of SR-22 form is the Operator-owners Certificate, which covers both vehicles that are owned and not owned by you.

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