Items That are Not Protected by Homeowner’s Insurance

If your home is robbed by burglars or hit with a natural disaster like a fire, tornado, or flood, you will be happy you have a quality homeowners insurance policy. However, you should be aware that not even the best homeowners insurance policies protect everything in the house. There are certain personal items that insurance companies require a separate insurance policy for.


The most obvious one is borrowed items. If you are using your neighbor’s lawnmower for the weekend and it is damaged overnight by a rainstorm, the insurer will not reimburse your neighbor. You will be on your own to cover the cost of that damage.

Personal property items that wouldn’t be protected under your policy include musical instruments, firearms, and jewelry. Since these items are typically expensive, it is important to know if you have them covered or not. In most cases, your agent will have to create a separate policy for them.


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