Pennsylvania Antique Car Show Returns for 63rd Year in a Row

Every year, for the past 63 years in a row, a huge antique car show takes place in Hershey, Pennsylvania. People come to the show for a variety of reasons. Some people want to sell their classic cars while others just want to show them off. Some are looking to buy in order to grow their vintage vehicle collection.


Most people come to the show just to look at the antique cars and experience a little bit of auto industry nostalgia. The event will consist of over 1,000 classic cars on display. And, it is free to attend! There will be food vendors and other attractions to make it the perfect activity for families or people who just need something to do on a Saturday. So, if you live in the area, go check it out!


Even people who don’t have an interest in cars will have a good time at this event. Looking at old cars is like looking into the past. In today’s world, with battery-powered motors and self-driving cars, events like this make you realize how far the auto industry has come. Whatever the reason may be, this show attracts thousands of people from all over the country. It is a big deal in the community of classic car collectors, whether you are trying to make a profit or spend some dough. But, normal people with no intention to buy or sell still come to the event for a good time.


This event is a good example of how people can make a lot of money by selling antique cars. Collectors come to these events with plans to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, as a result, many antique car restorers show up ready to sell. Making money selling antique cars is more lucrative than people think.


People with garages, auto mechanic experience, and a little bit of start-up cash can make tons of money selling to collectors. They do this by buying old cars in poor shape from anywhere they can find them. They take them back to the garage, fix them up, give them a new paint job, and do anything else necessary to get them ready to be driven on public roads. Then, they go to events like this one, where collectors and other enthusiasts are eager to buy. Antique cars, since they are so rare, can be sold for a much higher price than the average personal automobile.

If you own a car in Chicago, then you probably already have basic liability auto insurance. The state of Illinois requires all drivers to carry this basic level of insurance at the very least when driving on public roads. And, the consequences for disobeying this law are severe. It is highly recommended that people who drive their cars regularly in or around the city should carry more than just basic liability coverage.


Basic liability coverage will only protect another person’s vehicle in the event that you get into an accident that is your fault. That means there will be no coverage for the damages to your own vehicle. There are many risks that come along with owning a car and driving it every day, especially for those who live in Chicago. Given the changing climate and increase in crime, you should greatly consider extending your auto insurance coverage beyond the bare minimum required by the state.


As summer comes to an end and we get closer to winter, every driver will begin to feel the effects of the changing weather on their automobile. Cars get buried in snow while parked over night, engines freeze, etc. If a bad wind storm pushes a tree over onto your car, leaving it totaled, your insurance company will not help foot the bill with only basic liability coverage. In order to be protected from the threat of natural disasters, you need comprehensive auto insurance. This type of coverage also applies to car theft.


Collision insurance is another type of coverage that every driver should consider buying before winter gets here. The roads are going to get icy and the days are going to get darker, which means driving will be more dangerous than it is in the summer. The chance of you getting into a car accident are greater than ever in the summer. With collision coverage, you can be certain that if you get into a wreck, your insurer will help you pay for the cost of fixing damages to your car.


In the recent months, there have been many cases of armed robberies and carjackings in the southwest side of Chicago. Just the other week, two 19-year-old males robbed a 25-year-old man at gunpoint, getting away with his cell phone and SUV. Later that night, they were caught by police and taken to jail. With comprehensive auto insurance, you would be covered in a situation like this. Assuming the suspects got away and you never saw your car again, your insurance company would help pay for the cost of replacing it.

Fire in Staunton, Illinois Destroys Millions of Dollars Worth of Antique Cars

A few weeks ago in Staunton, Illinois, a warehouse filled with over 150 classic cars was engulfed in flames. It took the work of firefighters from 13 different fire departments over the course of several hours to finally put out the flames. The Illinois State Fire Marshall told news outlets that they are not sure what started the fire, but that it is being investigated. The antique cars belonged to a company called Country Classic Cars, which is known for selling extremely valuable classic cars to collectors and enthusiasts in the surrounding area.


When the flames were put out, Country Classic Cars had lost millions of dollars worth of their inventory. Antique cars tend to be more expensive than normal cars, depending what shape they are in. The business’ owner, Russ Noel, told news outlets that the cars were well kept and of the highest value. Obviously, this is a huge loss for Country Classic Cars. As a business owner, how do you get over a loss this huge? All of that depends on the amount of insurance coverage that Noel purchased when he started the business. While this kind of information is not open to the public, there are a few insurance particulars that we can assume about this event.


First of all, many insurance companies offer antique auto insurance. Since classic cars are built differently and used for different reasons than normal cars, it makes sense for them to have their own separate type of insurance. But, it is unlikely that Noel purchased one antique auto insurance policy to cover all of these cars. Since he was planning on selling them, the cars would be treated as products, not as Noel’s personal vehicles. This means that they should be covered under some kind of business insurance policy.


It is likely that the cars lost in the fire are covered under a commercial antique auto insurance policy. If Noel purchased comprehensive coverage for the vehicles, then his insurance company will help cover the cost of replacing them, but only up to a certain price point. And it is highly unlikely that the policy agrees to pay more than a few million dollars. With the level of damage done in this particular scenario, Country Classic Cars will probably have to eat the cost of replacing the vehicles, with little help from their insurance provider.

New Innovations in Motorcycle Technology will Make Insurance Cheaper

In the world of insurance, everything is based on risk. The price of your insurance policy will also be calculated by the likelihood of you filing a claim in the future. So, if you drive a motorcycle, then you are probably paying a lot each month in premiums. According to many studies, not to mention the general consensus in America, riding a motorcycle is extremely risky, especially if you are doing it every day. As a result, bikers pay top-dollar to insure themselves and their bikes. However, recent innovations in motorcycle technology have made the sport much safer, which means the cost of insurance is sure to go down.


So, what kind of changes have been made to motorcycles in the last few years? All the big brand motorcycle companies are taking steps toward making their bikes safer for their customers. As technology becomes more advanced, it becomes easier for automobile companies to reach their goal of achieving maximum safety with their products. Some motorcycles now have airbags, which seems like a big step in preventing injury from head on collisions. Many companies have also developed airbag suits to be worn by the rider. The suit is attached to the bike by a wire, and when the wire detaches, it inflates, creating a cushion between the rider and whatever it is they are colliding with.


Helmets have also become more advanced in the past few years, offering more protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Many bikers do not wear helmets when they ride, believing that it takes away from the “freeing” experience of riding a motorcycle. Well, according to a study done by the National Highway Safety Administration, wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of fatal accidents among motorcycle riders. In fact, the chances of a biker being killed in an accident decreases by 37% when they are wearing a helmet.


Taking action to make the ride on your motorcycle safer is a good way to bring down the cost of your insurance. If you recently bought a newer model bike, chances are you will be able to enjoy some of the new safety features. Let your insurance company know that you are riding a safer bike as soon as possible. You may be entitled to a discount and end up having to pay less for your monthly premiums.

Insurance Companies in Texas Hit Hard by Hurricane Harvey

The damage that Hurricane Harvey has caused in Texas has been devastating. People have lost cars, homes, and many other properties that were part of their everyday lives. This storm has become a national story and has inspired people from all over the country to help by sending donations to those affected. So, with a natural disaster of this magnitude, it must be difficult for an insurance company to proceed with claims and such. Looking back at the insurance nightmare that was Hurricane Katrina, one can assume that there will be serious coverage and claims issues once the flood dries up in Texas.


Residents with only a homeowner’s insurance policy might be out of luck when it comes time to collect their coverage. Most of the damage done to homes and other properties in Texas so far has been a result of flooding. Most home insurance policies do not offer coverage for flooding. It is usually a separate policy altogether. Some people do not know this and expect coverage from their insurer when their house floods. They are then stuck paying out of pocket to fix thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage to their home.


Residents with flood insurance and/or hurricane insurance will be in a better place when it is all said and done. However, that will take some time. Since the insurance companies in Texas will have thousands of claims to deal with, it could be years before the residents receive the reimbursements promised to them in their policies. The insurance companies will be stuck paying for so much damage that they simply will not be able to help everyone at once. Things will get messy. People are going to need their insurance coverage to help them buy a new house or a new car or anything else that was lost to the hurricane.


After all of the policies have been satisfied, the primary insurance companies in Texas will have been hit very hard by the hurricane. Insurance companies always try to avoid risky situations. But, with a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, there is no way around the risk. The fact that many people will not receive insurance coverage for their damaged property is very disheartening and seems unfair. It is also scary to think that most ins

Parking Your Car Will Be Safer and More Convenient in 2018

If you live in or around the city of Chicago and drive regularly, then you already know how much of a pain parking can be. You spend hours waiting in traffic and then when you arrive at your destination, you can’t find anywhere to park your car. Then, you finally find a place to park, but the spot is very small. You go for it anyway, because you are tired of driving around and that is the only parking spot you have found so far. Then, while backing up into the spot, you accidentally run into the front bumper of the car behind you. Now, you have to deal with the stress of filing an insurance claim with the owner of that car.


All of these problems are currently being addressed by experts in the automobile industry. And as soon as this next year, people will begin to see advancements in auto technology that solve these problems indefinitely. All the big brand car names will be coming out with new models in 2018 that solve the issue of stressful and unsafe parking. Not only will this reduce stress, it will also reduce the amount of auto insurance claims and, eventually, lower the cost of car insurance as a whole.


These new 2018 models will use GPS along with scanner technology to improve the process of parking cars. The GPS system in the car will use the driver’s coordinates to survey the surrounding area and find a parking spot near their location. The car will be able to tell the driver where parking is available, how much it costs, and the hours of the day it is available. This eliminates the issue of driving around the city, block after block, searching for parking spots. The cars will also have scanners and cameras in the back (a lot of cars already have these) to make parking safer for the driver. By being able to see behind them, drivers can be sure that they will not hit anything while backing up.


All of these advancements reduce the risks that currently hang over most drivers today. More importantly, the decreased risk of hitting another car while parking increases the likelihood of car insurance becoming cheaper. After all, the price of an auto insurance policy is always based on the level of risk.

What is Data Breach Coverage?

As a business owner in the digital world, your company is always at risk of becoming victim to a data breach. A data breach, by definition, is when confidential information is stolen by an unauthorized individual or entity. This can become a huge problem for business owners and their employees, leading to expensive as well as missing incomes. Luckily, insurance companies offer business insurance policies that will protect you against the threat of a data breach.


If you already have a business insurance policy, you might want to think about adding data breach coverage. You simply never know what is going to happen or how secure you and your employee’s information really is. By adding data breach coverage to your business insurance policy, you can continue running your business without worrying about its confidential information getting into the wrong hands. In the event of a data breach, your business insurance policy will help pay for any lost money or legal actions that need to be taken.